5 Plants That Can Heal Your Body

Throughout time, herbs, plants and other garden-dwelling entities have proved to be crucial in medicine and wellbeing. There are a massive array of drugs and medicines nowadays which rely on and are derived from plants. And what a convenience to have! They’re growing around us all of the time, they are practically an unlimited resource – which undoubtedly comes in incredibly handy, especially in terms of saving money and having things readily available.

Some plants heal, some plants aid and some plants treat. Their used are endless! But in this article, I will provide you with a list of 5 plants that help to heal the human body in the most natural way possible.

1: Aloe Vera

This is one, which I’m sure you’ve all heard of before! Aloe Vera is incredibly kind to the skin, hence making it one of the active ingredients in almost any moisturiser or other skincare product. In terms of healing properties, it is used in products for the treatment of burns, sunburn, frostbite, psoriasis and cold sores.

It is a versatile plant, which has many uses in medical healing, which in turn makes it known and used across the globe!

2: Cranberries

We often hear of how good cranberry juice is for our immune system and that it benefits our immune system in all sorts of ways, but what does that narrow down to?

It isn’t just good for the immune system; it is also useful in curing urine infections, heart disease, cancer and ulcers. Cranberries should be known as ‘wonder berries’ because they most definitely work wonders on your insides!

3: Garlic

Aside from preventing you from having your neck bitten by keeping the vampires away (insert laughter here) garlic also has many other health benefits – though I doubt none of them are quite as important as the aforementioned one…

Garlic helps to prevent skin irritation, acne, fungal infections, earaches, it can sooth bites and stings and internally, it helps to reduce cholesterol, fend off cold and flu, lower blood sugar in diabetics, protects the liver and kills intestinal parasites. So it’s safe to say: garlic is one of the most beneficial healing plants out there!

Oh, and let’s not forget, it makes for a tasty addition to a lot of food dishes too!

4: Ginger

Ginger is another tasty plant, especially around Easter time when it is put into biscuits, which are shaped as little men.

But aside from its tastiness, ginger is great for preventing pain – especially in toothache – but it also holds a great array of internal benefits too: lessens against nausea and dizziness, keeps blood from clotting, lowers cholesterol, prevents strokes and heart disease. Ginger is great in food, an awesome hair colour and it makes for a great healing plant!

5: Mint

Yes, another plant that we use in food. Can you tell that I’m hungry? Well if not: I’m hungry…

Mint is a plant that adds a subtle – or not so subtle, depending on how much you add – flavour to many dishes and foods, but as well as use in cooking, we as humans can use mint as a great healer and internal benefiter!

Some of its advantages include: decongestant when added to bath water, heals stings and bites, acts as an anaesthetic and a muscle relaxant. Some of its internal uses are: relieving nausea and cramping.

A Healthy World

We as a race should most definitely be embracing the things that we have been gifted with. Our world and all of the things that come with it is certainly one of those gifts.

And as you can tell by this article, plants are most definitely a wonderful gift. Some of the things on this list can be bought from supermarkets in supplement form as well as in their plantation forms. So I would highly recommend buying some and trying out some of their benefits for yourself. Trust me, you won’t be let down!