Month: July 2016

The Greatest Resources For Natural Healing

Health and wellbeing are things of utmost importance nowadays, with increasing numbers of people getting more and more into the healthy lifestyle. As well as a balanced diet, daily exercise and stimulating the mind, another good way to maintain great personal health is through using natural products in medicine and healing. Using things like plants, […]

The Top 3 Supplements For Energy During The Day

Maintaining a decent level of energy throughout your productive day can be crucial for making sure that it remains exactly that: productive. Working long hours can prove to be both physically and mentally exhausting – no matter what job or work you do. Be it manual labour or sitting in front of a computer, when […]

The 3 Greatest All-Purpose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Cleaning your home can be a tiresome old endeavor – that goes without saying – but have you ever considered just how damaging and harmful the laborious task can turn out to be? Modern day cleaning products may do the trick in terms of cleaning things, but do they leave your home safe as well […]

5 Plants That Can Heal Your Body

Throughout time, herbs, plants and other garden-dwelling entities have proved to be crucial in medicine and wellbeing. There are a massive array of drugs and medicines nowadays which rely on and are derived from plants. And what a convenience to have! They’re growing around us all of the time, they are practically an unlimited resource […]

A Brief History Of Plant-Based Natural Healing Medicines

Medical technology has advanced in unthinkable quantities over the years as we as a human race become more and more intellectually brilliant. And who would think that, considering this massive advancement, a large amount of remedies and medicines actually already exist and are growing everywhere around us, naturally on our planet? And those exact same […]