The 3 Greatest All-Purpose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Cleaning your home can be a tiresome old endeavor – that goes without saying – but have you ever considered just how damaging and harmful the laborious task can turn out to be?

Modern day cleaning products may do the trick in terms of cleaning things, but do they leave your home safe as well as clean? No, no they don’t. They’re rich in chemicals and toxins which, when ingested, can be extremely harmful on your body, but also, could actually end up damaging surface tops and furniture in the long run. And no one wants that, do they?

The next time you eventually build up enough motivation to start cleaning your home (and I say ‘start’ because typically, we never really finish cleaning it do we? Let’s be honest here) why not gain peace of mind by guaranteeing that your home is left chemical free, as well as just dirt free. Here are some of the best eco-friendly products for carpet cleaning, surface cleaning and window cleaning.

Try Out These Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products:

#1: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day All-Purpose Cleaner

This product is both eco-friendly and highly efficient in cleaning, and not only that, but it also emits an extremely pleasant aroma – leaving your home smelling amazing as well as being amazingly clean.

The wonderful scent of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day comes from natural essence oils – not synthetic fragrances – meaning that the scent is both positive for your nostrils and for your home. The array of scents includes: refreshing basil, soothing lavender, energizing lemon verbena, calming honeysuckle and more.

These plant-based scents not only help you to believe that the fragrance is non-synthetic, but also leave your counters; floors and cabinets sparkly clean – making for a great purchase. This cleaner is effective, it smells wonderful and it is kind to your home and body – what more could you ask for?

#2: Method All-Purpose Surface Cleaner

Method’s spray-and-clean surface cleaner is an efficient member of any cleaning arsenal. If it’s a sparkling kitchen you’re after (or any surface in your home for that matter) then Method is the product for you.

We’ll use the kitchen as a prime example. You don’t want to be spraying your bench tops and hob with lots of toxic chemicals, leaving your food bathing in a pool of harmfulness, do you? No, the answer is most definitely no. Well Method is the solution to that problem. It is made from various natural sources including corn and coconut, which turn out to not only smell good and be harmless on your body, but also make for highly effective cleaning agents – making Method a great investment.

#3: Shaklee Get Clean Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate

Shaklee is an organic solution, which provides the buyer with a great cleaning agent and a great value for money. For just $12 (the cost of a bottle) you can make 48 gallons of cleaner.

Shaklee can be used on just about anything: windows, mirrors, and surfaces – anything that could do with a good old-fashioned clean.

Your Home Will Surely Thank You

And so will your body.

Give these cleaning products a try and do justice to your home, your body and your world.